Join hosts Sunjay, Troy and Tim to breakdown the latest Wonder Women trailer and discuss what it means for the DCCU.

With Marvel's relaunch of their NOW! brand and a new slate of #1 issues, the guys talk about some of the early highlights from the soft relaunch and the annoucment of a new Darth Maul comic mini-series.

They also discuss Dr. Strange's continued success at the box office, Young Justice S3, The Inhumans IMAX/TV series, and The Batman script rumours.

03:12 - Dr. Strange continued success
09:57 - Inhuman's IMAX/TV Series
16:24 - Marvel NOW! 2.0 & Darth Maul
26:38: Young Justice S3
31:48 - Is The Batman Script garbage?
37:07 - Wonder Women Trailer


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