We have lost our Princess. RIP Carrie Fisher

The Nerd Room sends their condolences to the family and friends of Carrie Fisher. She was a beloved actress, writer, and advocate. She will be forever missed, May the Force be With Her.

After a few days of holiday indulgence and the end of another stellar year in Nerd quickly approaching, it's time for Hosts Tim and Troy to reflect and discuss their 2016 highlights in collecting, comicbooks, and film.

00:00 - RIP Carrie Fisher
06:41 - Rogue One BO & Anthology Update
11:21 - Our Holiday Stories
14:54 - 2016 Year in Review
    14:54 - 2016 Collecting Discussion (Star Wars & Marvel)
    30:15 - 2016 Comicbook Discussion
    43:15 - 2016 Film Discussion (CBM Ranking)


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