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Join hosts Tim, Sunjay and Troy to discuss in detail their Oscar predictions, loser buys the beer. They also talk GOTG Vol. 2, Disney's Star Wars Land announcement, Daredevil Season 2, Hulk in Civil War?, and DC's comic reboot or rebirth, definitely not a reboot....... in the New2Nerd segment.


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Hosts Tim, Sunjay and Troy are joined by special guest host Baron for an extended review of Deadpool. We also discuss the final Batman v Superman Trailer, New York Toy Fair, X-Men, Star Wars and almost everything in-between.

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Join hosts Tim and Sunjay to discuss the Civil War, X-Men, and Batman V Superman Superbowl trailers. They also introduce The Nerd Room's Contest of Champions, a multi-episode single elimination head-to-head battle of 100 comic movies. You can follow the progression of the Contest of Champions and be part of the discussion at (spoilers for the episode discussions). In New2Nerd they talk through Blu-Ray and DVD collecting.

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Join hosts Tim and Troy to discuss heaps of Star Wars news including; Rogue One, Rebels, Star War Land and action figures. They also talk Thor: Ragnarok and run down in detail and give their opinions of Marvel's rebranded comic line, the All-New All-Different Marvel comics. In the New2Nerd segment they discuss comic book trade paper backs.

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