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The Nerd Room Episode #37: Prequels in Film, Comics and Books

September 1st, 2016
Fact: Rogue One is a Prequel.

Prequel is term some choose to forget when referring the Star Wars Universe, but how have other prequels in film, comics and books impacted, either positive or negative, a franchise? How does time travel factor into the equation and is it a prequel when there are so many continuity errors?

These are just a few questions that hosts Tim and Troy debate when wading into and discussing the concept of prequels in self-contained Universes.

They also touch on the Star Wars Prequels, the films that popularized the term Prequel.

The guys also talk about Thor and Hulks whereabouts during Civil War, the latest Marvel Collector Corps box content, Justice League Dark, Deathstoke in The Batman, and the new Rogue One photos

01:44 - Thor Civil War Mockumentary

03:38 - Unboxing of Augusts Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box

07:30 - Justice League Dark

12:29 - Deathstroke in The Batman

19:18 - Rogue One Photos

21:14 - Prequels in Film, Comics and Books

49:13 - Star Wars Prequels



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