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The Nerd Room Episode #48: Wonder Women Trailer, Marvel NOW! 2.0, Inhumans

November 17th, 2016

Join hosts Sunjay, Troy and Tim to breakdown the latest Wonder Women trailer and discuss what it means for the DCCU.

With Marvel's relaunch of their NOW! brand and a new slate of #1 issues, the guys talk about some of the early highlights from the soft relaunch and the annoucment of a new Darth Maul comic mini-series.

They also discuss Dr. Strange's continued success at the box office, Young Justice S3, The Inhumans IMAX/TV series, and The Batman script rumours.

03:12 - Dr. Strange continued success
09:57 - Inhuman's IMAX/TV Series
16:24 - Marvel NOW! 2.0 & Darth Maul
26:38: Young Justice S3
31:48 - Is The Batman Script garbage?
37:07 - Wonder Women Trailer


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