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The Nerd Room Episode #74: Wonder Woman Prelude

June 1st, 2017

Joins hosts Tim and Troy to discuss everything you need to know before watching DC’s latest entry into their cinematic universe; Wonder Woman.

Warning: Mild Spoilers for Wonder Woman

The guys also discuss the new interior images from The Last Jedi Vanity Fair shoot, leaked TLJ Lego sets (Spoilers), Marvel’s Venomverse and much more!


02:28 - Inside The Last Jedi Vanity Fair shoot

20:33 - Leaked TLJ Lego Set (Spoilers!)

31:05 - GOTG: Mission Breakout

36:06 - Venomverse Comicbook Event

38:36 - Sony’s Cinematic Venomverse

42:25 - Wonder Woman Prelude



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