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The Nerd Room Episode #41: Guilty Pleasure Movies

September 29th, 2016

Join hosts Tim, Troy and Sunjay to discuss some of their favourite guilty pleasure movies and why they enjoy them so much!

The guys also talk; Agents of SHIELD season premiere, Dr. Strange IMAX clip screening, Force Friday and Rogue One, and Superman's return to the small screen.

Make sure to checkout our other podcast Star Wars Rebels Alert, where every Monday we break down the latest episode of Star Wars: Rebels Season 3.

01:48 - AOS Season Premiere - Ghost Rider
07:33 - Dr. Strange IMAX Clip
18:12 - Force Friday, Rogue One, 3rd Star Wars Anthology Film
28:39 - Superman Returns to TV
33:00 - Guilty Pleasure Movies


SW Rebels Alert: S3 E1 - ‘Steps into Shadow’

September 26th, 2016

Welcome to the newest podcast presented by The Nerd Room!

Star Wars Rebels Alert is a weekly podcast aftershow recapping and discussing each new episode of Star Wars: Rebels.

This week hosts Tim and Troy discuss the hugely anticipated Season 3 premiere episode 'Steps into Shadow'.

The Nerd Room Episode #40: Batman in Comics, TV and Film

September 22nd, 2016

Join hosts Troy, Sunjay and Tim to celebrate Batman Day by discussing their favourite interpretations of Batman in comics, TV and film from the past 75 years.

They guys also discuss Rogue One collecting updates, a new Yoda Story, Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray content, Zod joins Task Force X, and Zack Synder's Justice League Bat-day reveals; Night Owl? and Commissioner Gordan photos.

Make sure to tune into our newest weekly podcast; Star Wars Rebels Alert (@SWRebelsAlert on Twitter). In our debut (Monday Sept. 26th) episode we will be discussing the fallout from the Season 3 premiere of Star Wars: Rebels!

04:08 - Rogue One Updates - Smugglers Bounty, Catalyst Novel
08:10 - Star Wars Comics - A new Yoda Story
11:37 - Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray content
26:09 - Zod joins Task Force X
30:33 - Bat-day Celebration: Batman in Comics, TV and Film


The Nerd Room Episode #39: TV Season Premieres for Fall 2016

September 15th, 2016

Join hosts Tim, Troy and Sunjay to rundown Falls TV season premieres, from Agents of SHIELD to Super Girl and even a few guilty pleasures. They discuss which shows keep them coming back to network TV over transitioning to subscription services like Hulu and Netflix.

Listen carefully in this episode for an exciting STAR WARS ANNOUNCEMENT from The Nerd Room Podcast (59:21)!!

The guys also talk Star Treks 50th Anniversary, Deathstroke casting, and Dr. Strange early box office predictions.

07:30 - Star Trek 50th Anniversary
21:14 - Deathstroke Casting
25:11 - Dr. Strange early box office predictions
38:29 - TV Season Premieres for Fall 2016


The Nerd Room Episode #38: Rogue One Force Friday Toy Reveals

September 8th, 2016

Star Wars Force Friday (Rogue Friday) has finally been confirmed for September 30th, 2016!

The countdown is ON!!!

Join hosts Tim and Troy to discuss all of the major reveals for the Rogue One Force Friday event including; Lego, Funko Pops, the Elite Series, and the Hasbro 3-3/4" & 6" Black Series action figures. Needless to say, the guys are beyond hyped for the newest Star Wars toy lines and the Force Friday Event.

They also talk about the end of the Summer Movie season, the first DC Rebirth comicbook crossover event - Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Stranger Things Season 2, and the newest Star Wars Rebels teaser featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn.

01:38 - End of the Summer Movie Season
09:30 - Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Comicbook Crossover Event
16:14 - Stranger Things Season 2
20:00 - Rebels Thrawn Teaser
25:29 - Rogue One Force Friday Toy Reveals


The Nerd Room Episode #37: Prequels in Film, Comics and Books

September 1st, 2016
Fact: Rogue One is a Prequel.

Prequel is term some choose to forget when referring the Star Wars Universe, but how have other prequels in film, comics and books impacted, either positive or negative, a franchise? How does time travel factor into the equation and is it a prequel when there are so many continuity errors?

These are just a few questions that hosts Tim and Troy debate when wading into and discussing the concept of prequels in self-contained Universes.

They also touch on the Star Wars Prequels, the films that popularized the term Prequel.

The guys also talk about Thor and Hulks whereabouts during Civil War, the latest Marvel Collector Corps box content, Justice League Dark, Deathstoke in The Batman, and the new Rogue One photos

01:44 - Thor Civil War Mockumentary

03:38 - Unboxing of Augusts Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box

07:30 - Justice League Dark

12:29 - Deathstroke in The Batman

19:18 - Rogue One Photos

21:14 - Prequels in Film, Comics and Books

49:13 - Star Wars Prequels



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