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The Nerd Room Episode #35: Rogue One and Luke Cage Trailers, BvS Ultimate Cut

August 18th, 2016

Join hosts Tim and Troy to talk all about the newest Rogue One trailer. They discuss how this (prequel) film ties to wider Star Wars Universe and why this might be one of the best Star Wars films yet!

With the arrival of Marvel & Netflix first official Luke Cage trailer, the guys breakdown some of the most significant moments and why that tiara is so awesome. Sweet Christmas this trailer looks great!

The release of Suicide Squad was met with massive amounts of conjecture and it ultimately begged the question, could an extended  'Ultimate Cut' fix the issues that are so apparent in the theatrical cut. The path seemingly taken by DC, in the wake of the poorly received Batman v Superman.

In an attempt to determine if this is a path Suicide Squad needs to go, the guys revisit BvS for the first time since its theatrical release in its newly minted 'Ultimate Cut' version. They discuss whether an additional 30 minutes creates a better film experience and if it expands the narrative to address some of the big issues they had with the original theatrical cut.

03:09 - Rogue One Trailer
35:11 - Luke Cage Trailer
45:04 - Suicide Squad and Aquaman
48:39 - Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut


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