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The Nerd Room Episode #36: Top 5 Film Directors

August 25th, 2016

Join hosts Tim, Troy and Sunjay to discuss their Top 5 favourite film directors of all time and what keeps them coming back to their movies, both new and old alike. To put a little Nerd Room twist on things, they also pick which future CBM projects, announced or not, they would like to see their favourite directors helm.

The guys also talk Suicide Squad Box office run, casting rumours for Spider-Man: Home Coming, potential confirmation that the GOTG are appearing in Avenger: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok filming, Star Wars Episode VIII and Man of Steel 2.

01:37 - Suicide Squad Box Office Tally
04:02 - Spider-Man: Home Coming
13:00 - GOTG in Avengers: Infinity War
17:51 - Thor: Ragnarok Filming
21:00 - Star Wars Episode VIII
29:12 - Man of Steel 2
34:43 - Top 5 Film Directors


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