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The Nerd Room Episode #49: Easter Eggs in Comicbook Movies

November 24th, 2016

Join hosts Tim and Troy to discuss one of the staples of CBM, Easter Eggs. Like everyone, the guys love hunting for the winks and nods to the source material and those hidden references to future films and the wider continutiy!

Be apart of the conversation as the guys rundown some of their favourite Marvel, Star Wars and DC Easter Eggs! Email us at, hit us up on twitter @thenerdrm or at #enterthenerdroom or comment on our YouTube and Facebook pages!

The crew also talks about the latest Nerd News including; Green Lanterns in Justice League, Spider-Man trailer, Inhumans release date confirmed, the Star Wars Anthology Films, Thanos #1 comicbook, and Deadpool 2 director.

01:47 - Green Lanterns in Justice League
04:49 - Spider-Man: Home Coming Trailer coming soon?
07:22 - Inhumans release confirmed
10:59 - Rogue One tickets and Han Solo casting
22:09 - Big reveal in Thanos #1 (Spoilers!)
28:13 - Deadpool 2 Director confirmed
30:06 - Easter Eggs in in Comicbook Movies

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