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The Nerd Room Episode #60: Super Bowl 51 Film Trailers

February 9th, 2017

Join hosts Tim and Sunjay to discuss the biggest film trailers from Super Bowl 51, including GOTG Vol.2, Life, and Stranger Things S2.

The guys also go deep into various comicbook topics, talk anticipation for Toy Fair 2017, and discuss the always evolving DCCU Batman film.

Comicbook Picks of the Week

Sunjay - Aquaman #15
Tim - Darth Maul #1

05:08 - Lego Batman Early Reviews
10:15 - The Batman (again?)
16:23 - Justice League Promo Photo
22:12 - Comicbook Picks of the Week
34:35 - A Marvel Revival
40:57 - New York Toy Fair (Star Wars, Marvel, DC)
47:01 - Super Bowl 51 Film Trailers


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