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The Nerd Room Episode #70 - Star Wars & Marvel News, and the Calgary Expo

April 27th, 2017

Join hosts Tim and Troy to discuss all the Star Wars and Marvel news that has fallen between the cracks in the wake of SWCO.

The guys talk the new Forces of Destiny shorts, Star Wars: Episode 9, and Marvel Film & Comics news!


Comicbook Picks of the Week

Troy - Spiderman: Back in Black Mini Series

Tim - Secret Empire #0

Star Wars News

02:51 - Forces of Destiny

07:43 - Star Wars Collecting Updates

16:13 - No Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: Episode 9

22:32 - Star Wars: Episode 9 release date

29:15 - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer

Marvel News

33:14 - GOTG Vol. 2 World Premier & First Reactions

38:37 - X-Universe Film Announcements

49:39 - Marvel Digital Comic formatting

52:00 - Marvel Legacy Event (Rebirth)


1:01:53 - Comicbook Picks of the Week

1:04:03 - The Calgary Expo



Check out Tim’s collecting articles at!

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